Where is the main use of FRP grating

FRP grating
Hebei Sinta FRP products company specializing in the production of FRP grating, FRP grating with strong acid corrosion resistance, so what are the points to get FRP grating it?
Environmental protection industry: ditch board, walkway board, ditch cover and other corrosive conditions
Electroplating industry: anti-corrosion control platform, workshop walkway board (pedal), ditch cover and so on
Chemical water workshop cover, waste water tank and other metal Oral treatment: pickling occasions, mechanical peripherals instead of wood floors, highly corrosive containers around the electroplating line walkway, double ground Poor sea food processing plants: On the transport industry: platforms, ship cabins, glass fiber reinforced frp grating walkway, military minesweeper, staircase board beverage industry: staircase board, instead of expensive stainless steel, there is a load of floor pulp and processing plants: staircase slab and floor, floor walkway , Poor humidity electronics industry: cover, pickling workshop, anti-static grid and high-clean
Water treatment: FRP inspection walkways, undercover cover, poor container, washer, trash rack, sink, biochemical water treatment pool rack, window, staircase, cooling tower console pavement Chemical Plant: Control platform, fence, double floor, cover, filter kerosene Industry: offshore kerosene platform Textile Factory:
Degree workshop meat processing plants: perishable floors, stairs, slippery floor workbench and staircase slab Other: corrosion-resistant shelves, accessories, fountains, scaffolding, civil construction facilities, glass fiber reinforced plastic grille breeding fence and double-decker floor.

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