what are the characteristics of FRP duct  rodder currently on the market

In fact, the threading device has already appeared a long time ago, mainly using the tool for the wall under the road traction.After the continuous development and changes, will use this tool for sewer fiber optic cable and other lines of traction, the use of threading device for the entire work Bring a lot of convenience.It not only can save a lot of time, but also very effort, can effectively improve work efficiency.So, what is the characteristics of the tool?
Feibeglass duct rodder 
It is reported that the market demand continues to increase, in order to meet the needs of the market a lot of threader manufacturers appear, the products produced by these manufacturers is very good, has the following characteristics:
1. Tensile strength of all products is very large, and its bending performance is also very strong, can be used in a number of very small space to lead all kinds of lines.
2. All products are equipped with a number of rust-proof accessories, these accessories can be worn by the wire in the wet place will not be rusty phenomenon.
3. All FRP duct  rodder product maintenance is very simple.
4. All products will be equipped with a number of removable bracket, not only easy to install and very easy to carry.

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