Method of paving the way of civil grating

         Geo grating of the technical indicators should meet the design requirements. When laying the soil surface should be smooth, no broken, stone and other hard protrusions. Laying grille surface wrinkles should not occur, it should be manually tightened, the use of pins and other ways to fix the geo grating on the surface of the fill layer. Sinta FRP grating
The steel grid should be firmly connected between the grid, the strength of the connection in the direction of force is not less than the tensile strength of the design of the material, the composite length of not less than 30cm. Horizontal lap length of not less than 30cm, vertical anti-lap length Less than 50cm. Laying double should make the upper and lower joints staggered from each other, staggered distance of not less than 50cm. The company is located in:
Geo grating laying should be completed after the timely filling of materials, so as not to be too long exposure to the sun. Landfill should be used light bulldozer or front loader, the vehicle shall not be in the unfilled geo grating

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