Maintenance of fiberglass duct rodder equipment needs to be based on reliability

In the use of fiberglass duct rodder in the process, we should establish reliability-centered maintenance methods and standards, the pursuit of relying on scientific and professional maintenance methods. Should be based on different models of glass fiber duct rodder to establish different maintenance methods and standards, and gradually improve the maintenance process. For the failure mode of wear FRP threader, and difficult to check to determine the technical conditions of the situation, through the replacement for maintenance, analysis of the causes of the failure of the relevant parts, so as to fundamentally solve the problem.
Threader manufacturers
The maintenance of FRP threading devices needs to be based on reliability. The main wearing parts of FRP threading devices should be centrally repaired. Integration of existing more decentralized maintenance capabilities, the deployment of advanced maintenance, testing tools, the establishment of specialized maintenance base to improve the quality of fiberglass duct rodder parts maintenance and reliability. In addition, we should conduct a comprehensive analysis of daily failures of fiberglass threading devices, and also provide a comprehensive summary of the ways and methods of fiberglass threading repairs to keep improving.
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