Introduction and application of many kinds of threader models

FRP duct rodder is very common in life, especially in the electronics industry, it can be said that the emergence of threading greatly saves working hours. The threading device has a wide range of applications, threading device models vary, so in order to make the product better use, threader manufacturers in the production process of the product, the type of screening, different types of product applications are also very different areas, so you can For the convenience of consumers.
Threader model
Different FRP duct rodder are used in different fields, the product can be used for carding among the cables, this time need to choose a larger model, in addition, the product can also be used in FRP products and electrical lines, the product model can be based on Practical application of choice. With the widely used duct rodder, the product model is also based on the original increase, the electronic production industry is to be paid attention. The same can not be achieved through the operation of glass fiber reinforced plastic threader, if you do not use the device, then the operation will be more complicated.

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