How to use FRP duct rodder

Electricity is what we use all the time, and its associated circuits, but also with the need to use it. Now many circuits are hidden, which undoubtedly added a lot of workload, but now a new product appeared, the workload of the workers greatly reduced, this is the FRP duct rodder. Below for everyone to introduce how to use threader.
FRP duct rodder
Threader models are more, according to the wire model, there is the case of the circuit to pick the right type of product, specifically in the choice of use, you also need to select the appropriate. When used, it is very simple, no matter what type of line, after using this tool, can be easily done, the efficiency is quite high.
The FRP duct rodder manufacturer reminds everyone here is that in the use of such tools, but also the wire cut to about 5 cm both sides of the skin, and then connected to the coil, a person can not be completed, you also need two people together With the work done, will soon be able to finish the work done, the speed of surprise

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