How to improve FRP duct rodder efficiency

Nowadays, with the rapid economic development and the improvement of people’s living standard, people have more and more material needs, especially for urban infrastructure construction. Urban construction will certainly require the laying of sewer and telecommunications cable equipment. Narrow places will use the duct rodder.
FRP duct rodder
For enterprises, production efficiency is very important, and only in a limited time to produce more products, so as to reduce the production costs of enterprises, to bring some economic benefits to the enterprise. In urban construction is the same reason, especially in the sewer, telecommunications cable city layout, we should always use such products as fiberglass punches, with such products can improve work efficiency and shorten the working hours.
In the time of purchase must require it to have a strong pull, that is, there must be a strong degree of stretch, in the time of purchase, optimistic about its flexibility, the surface is wear-resistant, is not more easily oxidized.

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