How to grow a FRP duct rodder from small to large

     FRP duct rodder Organizer With the huge demand in the market, there have been many new staircase manufacturers in the pipe pipelayer industry. How can we gradually expand the scale of small and medium enterprises in the development of new enterprises? Today, we give everybody a trick.
Small brands because of a series of reasons, will not have their own unique brand pipe marketing strategy, it is necessary measures to local conditions, separate marketing programs for each regional market, as long as the brand positioning accuracy, the advantages of the product description, channel promotion accuracy A small brand can also dominate the area. Small brands and high-quality dealers can continue the cooperation and continuous development, is that small brands can always pay attention to market dynamics, together with the dealer to develop local marketing programs, the local sales of products increased, The relationship between manufacturers is solid and the relationship can be more profound.
FRP duct rodder manufacturers want to grow bigger and bigger, can not be hurried, step by step steady, so as to gradually success.
Pipe on the shape design requirements
FRP duct rodder on the shape design requirements:
Fiber glass duct rod shaft member often adopt the cross-section (mainly circular) and polygons. Pipeline pipe design using the probability theory based on the limit state design method, the reliability index pipe ducts reliability.
In the provisions of a variety of load combinations or deformation limits, to meet the requirements of the safe operation of the line. The design of pipe feeders should also take into account the manufacturing process, the method of construction (including transport and installation) as well as the operational maintenance and environmental factors.
FRP duct rodder On the shape design but also according to the power pipe threader line running experience, the pipe threader diameter, slope, deflection design and control.

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