High 22 Most Asked Questions Answered

... Products,FRP Chamber Cover,FRP Portable Toilets Manufacturers in PuneQ What’s the best depth for a koi pond?

Hose Pipes, FRP Double Door Hose Box, Branch Pipe, Sprinklers, Mumbai ...A In my expertise of over 25 years, 4 to 5 toes is good. You want a minimal of three ft for koi fish for a number of causes. Safety for fish from wading cranes they can not wade in three ft of water. Plus the water temperature in shallow ponds fluctuates a lot with the modifications in ambient temperature. The better the amount of water, the longer it takes for the temperature to vary. Warm water or fluctuating temperatures are unhealthy for fish.

Q What’s the perfect size for a pond?

A The ideal size could be determined by the size of your yard. Its measurement must be proportional to the dimensions of the yard. Also, the bigger the pond, the higher the upkeep.

Q What’s your opinion on using a liner to assemble a pond rather than utilizing a hard molded or concrete one.

A My recommendation is and always has been to make use of concrete. Nevertheless, if you’re on a tight budget or do not plan on dwelling there for an prolonged interval time, a liner can be beneficial. In this case, you’d have so as to add a skinny layer of mortar between the liner and soil to prevent tree roots, ground squirrels, rats, mice, gophers or chipmunks from compromising the liner. The arduous molded, preformed plastic ponds become brittle from the sun’s UV rays in simply a couple of years. No good!

Q What kind of pond filter do you suggest?

A That can’t be answered just because many components are concerned. Do you may have an present pond with a submersible pump or above-floor pump? What’s the volume of the pond? Do you have got fish, and if so, how many? What measurement plumbing pipe is being used? This is so involved, I’ve devoted a whole chapter in my construction handbook to the subject. I have an 8000 gallon pond with above-floor pump and I use a pressurized biological bead filter. It takes 2 minutes to again flush with the flip of a handle and retains my pond crystal clear.

Q I’ve tons of algae hanging from the rocks in my falls and rising in clumps in my hand. What can I do to get rid of it?

A When the primary Polynesians settled in Hawaii between 300 and 600 Ad, they had been in all probability very annoyed by the aggressive, wild, pervasive taro plant, similar to you are your algae. They tried to chop it down, burn it, stomp it, however to no avail. It simply got here back, in order that they eat it, and still do to this present day. In actual fact, it is a staple like peanut butter is to some Americans. Simply kidding! Nonetheless, if you happen to informed me it was watercress I might counsel consuming it. Many pond shops will try to promote you a very costly algaecide to unravel your drawback, however all you could do is increase the salt content material of your water. Some specialists suggest one pound of rock salt to every 100 gallons of water. This will not hurt your fish; in fact, it is going to assist to provide a healthy shine coat. Nonetheless, it will harm most of your plants if you apply that dose suddenly. Plus the dead and decaying algae will deplete the oxygen and it will hurt your fish. Apply it slowly over a week or two, and be patient. It takes longer to kill it this fashion, however your fish will recognize it! This matter can also be a chapter in my building guide.

Q Ought to I keep salt in my pond regularly?

A If you maintain a particular gravity of 1.000, your fish can be much less vulnerable to ulcer and fin rot. And you’ll keep the algae from getting out of management.

Q I’m considering constructing a waterfall between my home and my neighbor’s against the fence. Will the sound of the falls annoy them if I let it run 24 hours a day?

A The sound generated by a waterfall is named white noise, which may be very stress-free and soothing, not annoying. I have a number of hundred purchasers who go away their falls working 24/7 and none have ever had a neighbor complain. In truth, all of them appreciate the truth that they did not have to spend the cash to benefit from the sound.

Q What number of koi fish can I put in my pond?

A The amount might range from one hundred fifty to 250 gallons per fish. If you are beginning out with small 6″ to eight” lengthy koi, they will attain 2 toes in three years, depending on how much meals and the way typically you feed them. They could even develop to over three ft lengthy! The overcrowding of fish produces stress and a number of waste materials. It might probably reduce the health of the fish and end in varied diseases. Also, a much less crowded pond is extra nice to have a look at.

Q Do I really need a filter in my pond?

A Not in each case. In case your pond is small and you’ve got any guppies or mosquito fish and sufficient water plants protecting 1/3 to ‘ of your pond, your pond will clear itself by means of the nitrogen cycle. The biological points of pond chemistry is effectively lined in my waterfall and development guide.

Q How lengthy do koi fish stay?

A The typical life span of koi in Japan is 70 years. Some have been known to stay to 100 or more, such as the legendary Hanako, alleged to have lived for over 200 years. Unlike the superb outcomes of the meticulous care the Japanese give their koi, American koi stay a fraction of that time, often attributable to neglect and lack of care or correct atmosphere.

Q How can I protect my koi against predators?

A Unfortunately, most those who come to me are pissed off people who already have a pond or a moderately poorly deliberate pond. In case your pond is shallow, lower than three feet, or has a shallow end, the raccoons, coyotes, cranes, egrets, and so on. have quick access to your fish. You might imagine your fish are protected as a result of you may have a deep finish for the fish to retreat to. Nicely, you and your fish are dead incorrect. A crane will stand perfectly still for 10 to 20 minutes ready for the koi to overlook he’s there. Some will regurgitate chum into the deep pond, luring the fish to the floor. Your only answer is a net, or strive the crane statue, scarecrow, or excessive-frequency sound emitters for smaller animals. However, certainly one of my clients watched a crane land next to his crane statue. Whereas the scarecrow was pelting him with a stream of water, it snatched up one of their prize koi.

A critter-proof pond is over three feet everywhere and has a raised deck thirteen” minimal over the water surrounding the pond. Raccoons can not swim and catch fish at the identical time, and they or the birds will not be able to achieve the water.

Q I would like to have a koi pond however I stay in Michigan and yearly ponds and lakes freeze over. Will they survive?

A There are fish in these lakes you are speaking about: blue gill, bass, sunfish, carp, and all of them survive. And guess what? Koi are in the carp family. Koi were initially raised for food in Japan. They would develop rice in the summer and then flood the rice patties and elevate koi within the winter, slicing holes in the ice to catch them for food. However, your pond have to be 4 ‘ to six toes deep to ensure the water stays about 40 o the underside. Turn off the waterfall and backside drain, draw water from the skimmer to keep the underside still. Place swimming pool solar blankets over the floor. In case your pond is deep enough, you possibly can let it freeze over. Nonetheless, you want to put in a horse tank heater to maintain a gap open within the ice to allow any ammonia gasoline from rotting debris on the underside to flee. In case your pond is lower than 4 ‘ ft deep, take the koi indoors for the winter and place them in a garage or basement tank.

Q Can I keep koi and goldfish collectively?

A Sure, you can. They are both cold water fish and members of the carp family. Most different chilly water fish can also swim together, similar to shubunkins, rudd, orfe, blue gill, mosquito fish, guppies, sunfish, bass, and so forth. However, solely in deeper ponds where the imply temperature is 65 levels or less on the underside for bass, sunfish and blue gill.

Q Ought to my pond have a backside drain?

A To begin with, a backside drain is crucial for a wholesome pond. Nevertheless, whether it is uncovered and the suction is robust sufficient, turtles or fish can get caught to it and never be capable of get loose. Subsequently, two drains must be hooked in sequence to relieve the strain between them, just as in a swimming pool. Backside drains draw falling waste from the fish before it reaches the underside, retaining it clean. Areas where it does build up will be swept to the drains for simple cleansing. If you’re utilizing a submersible pump or pulling the water from a skimmer, water isn’t circulating properly on the underside of the pond. That’s the place rotting debris is producing ammonia and different toxic gases.

Q My pond water is very clear, but my fish are dying. What is mistaken?

A Drinking water may taste good, smell good, and look clear. But some of the most toxic chemicals which can be identified to cause cancer are colorless, odorless and tasteless. I recommend that you purchase a test equipment type a pond store and test your water regularly. Nitrates, nitrite and ammonia are all detrimental to fish. Ammonia and nitrite can, at excessive levels, be fatal to fish. These substances are dissolved within the water and consequently are inconceivable to detect by the clarity of the water and they can break down the fishes’ immune system.

Q What type of filter do you recommend?

A For any pond over a thousand gallons, I like to recommend a pressurized biological bead filter that may be again washed. I’ve used Aqua Ultraviolet Ultima II filters for years. Most larger pond suppliers carry them. Their filters range from one thousand gallons to 10,000 gallons. Up-circulation and gravity circulation filters require regular cleaning, which is a filthy job. The filter media is full of stinky, putrid fish waste and decaying pond scum. As you handle the filter screens, media, scrubbers, and so forth., you should have little white feces-eating worms which are 1/16″ lengthy crawling in your hands and arms. Not to say the noxious scent that burns your eyes and lungs.

It price pennies on the greenback to make, but sellers cost a fortune. You pay the value for the filter and within the time it takes to take care of it you pay a further cost in your time sustaining it. With a pressurized filter, it solely takes the turn of a handle for 2 to three minutes and the filter is clear. The waste water will not be wasted both. You’ll be able to water your plants with it using the discharge hose. If you possibly can imagine, that brown, coloured, stinky water is packed with nitrogen. It is higher than Miracle Grow T.M. I have used my 6000 gallon Ultima II for over eight years and it really works as properly now as they day it was installed. Joyful, comfortable fish!

Q How much does a mean pond value?

A What is common? It depends upon whether you might be talking about a liner pond or a professional concrete and rebar pond. A typical liner pond will be 6 ft by eight feet, and depending on who’s installing it, may value between $2,500 and $3,500. The other dimensions are just about proportionate. Liner ponds are inclined to leaks from punctures, gophers, and rats, and many others. Concrete ponds last for decades and on the typical price only 20% more than liner ponds.

Q My pond is inexperienced and i can’t see my fish. What ought to I do?

A Your challenge is algae (suspended planktonic algae), which does indirectly harm the fish. However, algae offers off oxygen throughout the day from photosynthesis. However unfortunately, it makes use of up oxygen at evening. As well as, it is unsightly and blocks the view of the fish. You possibly can improve the salt content material or set up an ultraviolet gentle, which not only kills spore algae however kills the bacteria that causes the water to grow to be murky and stinky.

Q I heard that UV light can even kill the helpful bacteria. Is that true?

A If I say “No,” I’m calling many so-known as professional consultants liars. So I’ll put it this manner. All of the useful pond micro organism equivalent to aerobic or anaerobic micro organism, nitrobacter, and many others., reside in the filter or in the decaying debris at the underside of the pond. They aren’t floating round within the pond. Bacteria and algae containing pathogenic illness are, and as they cross by means of the UV mild, they are eradicated.

Q Do I need a waterfall for my pond?

A With no hesitation, Yes! Most undoubtedly. To start with, waterfalls are lovely to look at. The sound is soothing and relaxing and the water transferring over rocks generates detrimental ions which are added to the air. As you breathe negatively charged air, it relieves stress and anxiety. Waterfalls additionally add extra oxygen to the pond. Waterfalls are a should!

Q I heard concrete ponds will leach alkali into the pond. Is that true?

A Sure and no. A poorly constructed concrete pond will, but only until algae starts rising on the sides. Additionally if the pond is constructed of 3500 psi concrete and coated with Thoro-seal., it’s impossible for alkali to leach out. Additionally, by mixing thinset with the mortar used between the rocks may also stop leaching. There may be a selected formula for this.
Q What’s the benefit of building a waterfall utilizing concrete and mortar?

A A serious purpose is that the rock can be securely mortared in place, preventing a serious accident from rocks sliding, as with a liner waterfall. Trust me, some day, some adventurous baby will climb onto it. That could be a lawsuit within the making.

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