FRP duct rodder should be stored in a place of ventilation and moisture proof

    Long-term storage of perforation, storage should be carried out before the appropriate technical inspection, if there is a need to repair the FRP duct rodder to be repaired in time, in accordance with the provisions of lubrication and maintenance, and to ensure that the perforator storage site ventilation, moisture, rain from the place Personnel custody, and make the storage records. Also pay attention to punch usually have regular maintenance. Perforating machine has been in good condition, at any time to meet the construction needs.
The long-term storage of the FRP duct rodder removed when used to be reviewed, in good condition, work ability to meet the requirements, spare parts and accessories and random tools complete before they can put into use
Perforating costs are rising
Perforating In recent years, with the popularity of production technology, rising prices and industry innovation is not enough, the perforator industry, the current cost of existence is also gradually rising.
Perforating cost advantages gone, coupled with the pressing of the Internet business model A lot of fiber glass duct rodder companies are adjusting the direction and hope that the transition to seek a way out, but the perforator industry decades of development of the traditional model in the new era of advantages There is no stock, committed to reform and restructuring can seek a way out.
FRP duct rodder inexpensive era is over, today’s China, the real good commodities must have their value, with a good price, only good profits, have good research and development, which will be favored by consumers

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