Fiberglass threader manufacturers teach you to use fiberglass duct rodder

Hebei Sinta Power Communication Equipment Factory has been devoted to the research, development and production of FRP threading gear for many years and is a powerful company. As a well-known fiberglass threading equipment manufacturer in Hebei Province, we try our best to be the best.
Fiberglass duct rodder, also known as wall threader, the use of the operation must be standardized, threading can not break a. The correct use of the first threading machine is aligned with the frame of the pulley, a pulley piercing, and then threading, pulling and other operations. If the rigorous nature of the threader is pulled out of the frame, it is necessary to threading the last card stuck in the frame of the ring, play the role of fixed traction head, pull out the threader, we should pay attention to Do not break the traction head. And because the glass duct rodder material is relatively hard, fragile material, so the use of curved diameter should be very careful, under special conditions to protect the threader is not damaged. Construction temperature should also be noted that the glass threader temperature range is -40- +80 degrees, beyond the temperature range, should pay attention to product protection. Finally, the choice of traction, not to exceed the maximum capacity of the product, resulting in product damage.
Fiberglass duct rodder is generally used in large-scale cable construction, in order to extend the service life of the product, it is recommended that the user can use the product in a regulated manner and select the good quality products produced by a regular manufacturer.

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