Fiberglass duct rodder – a good assistant in communications

      The rapid development of China’s economy can not be separated from the improvement of large-scale communication facilities such as rural power grids, urban networks and power grids in the country.
The fiberglass duct rodder, cable pay-off tools, laying fiber optic cable or cable again on the work efficiency has significantly improved.
As the FRP duct rodder better combines the two characteristics of rigidity and toughness. With corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, long life characteristics. Can measure the length of the pipeline, clean up the pipeline, acceptance of pipelines, but also for laying operations. Thus in today’s communications field to a great application.
Cable pay-off car’s work is to close the line, pay-off, change line – retractable cord. Large cable drum directly on the cable car to show, change the line generally use the old line of new methods. The general use of diesel power to close the line, to solve the difficulty of receiving the line, the problem of long time-consuming. Therefore, it also plays an important role in supporting tools in the field of communications.
Hebei power line tools is a professional manufacturer of FRP duct rodder. Uphold the “quality of development, to the credibility of survival” and adhere to the “quality first, credit first” principle, the absolute preferential prices, first-class technology and equipment, improve after-sales service to win the trust of users and dedicated Hope that the cooperation with new and old customers, sincerely welcome new and old customers come for business and success.

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