Factors affecting the price of duct rodder

The main reason affecting the frp duct rodder price is the value, but the market supply and demand, the demand of each region and the season also has a close relationship with the price. Let the professional threader manufacturers introduce you to the reasons that threaten the price.
Thread threader price
There are three factors affecting the price, namely, the fundamental factor, the direct factor and the indirect factor respectively.
The fundamental factor that affects the price of a frp duct rodder is value. The value is the productivity cost of producing a threading device, the average cost declines, and the price declines. If threader manufacturers update equipment and use high-quality fiberglass production threaders, unit costs will rise, then threader prices will rise.
Indirect factor is the market supply and demand situation. As the seasonal climate in the north and south, the coastal areas and remote areas are different, then the production and use of the customer is different, the market oversupply, overproduction, buyers take the initiative, which go cheaper, resulting in fiberglass threading device Price drops. Smaller than the market demand, the seller take the initiative in the market, the price rise.
Finally, the indirect impact on the price of FRP duct rodder equipment is climate, time, regional production and other factors. For example, the production of threading material is glass fiber, glass fiber origin of the climate, geographical and other factors affect the amount of production, thereby affecting the supply of threader on the market conditions, the supply situation directly affects the price of fiberglass threading.
The above is the three factors that affect the duct rodder price, if you have other questions, please call our hotline for consultation.

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