Application and Function of FRP Grating in Sewage Treatment Plant

At present, China’s wastewater and sewage discharges have increased at an annual rate of 1.8 billion tons. Statistics show that by the end of 2010, China’s sewage discharge has exceeded 640 billion tons. With the water treatment industry on the huge demand for hydraulic FRP products, domestic FRP pipeline equipment business products continue to upgrade, basically meet the domestic demand. In the sewage treatment, the FRP grating can be used as a cooling tower operating platform below the pavement materials, do biochemical water treatment pool hanging, but also for the sewage treatment plant maintenance walkways.
With the rapid development of industry, environmental protection has gradually been taken seriously. Sewage treatment is one of the important means of environmental protection. As a new type of lightweight, high-strength and corrosion-resistant glass fiber reinforced plastic grating and glass fiber reinforced plastic, In the ideal material. First, the characteristics: In the sewage treatment system, water treatment pond around the need to use a lot of fence and as aisle board grille. In the traditional project, the guardrails and grilles are made of metal materials, such as steel pipe welding, the surface then coated with anti-rust paint. In the treatment of sewage are many with a strong corrosive, splashed water droplets or volatile water vapor on the metal parts have a strong corrosive effect, over time, these pieces of metal rusty, or even damaged, there is Many hidden dangers. FRP pultruded profiles compared with the metal profile, with light weight; high strength; excellent corrosion resistance, can fundamentally solve the metal fence and the grid easy to corrosion, difficult to maintain the problem, but also greatly extended service life, the comprehensive cost of Control; beautiful appearance colorful, and can always maintain a bright environment in the corrosive color, which can play a beautify the environment.

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